With the proliferation of Christian books, websites & blogs in recent years, answering the question of why another one seems the appropriate way to introduce this one. A friend who considered doing a blog came to his own conclusion that he did not want to add to the “noise on the web”! I think I will add a little…

My personal motivation for undertaking such a thing is rooted in the simple desire to share a bit of what I have learned in my “struggle” with Christianity – and it has been a struggle! My hope is that in some of what I write others who also are struggling might find some encouragement even if it is in just knowing that they are not alone. A wide readership would surprise me, but I trust that God might direct a few kindred spirits this way. Being ignorant of the workings of search engines, it will take a God miracle just to find this site. If you have – Welcome!

I have been thinking of doing something like this for three or four years now and had a few aborted attempts. I also had to confront the challenge that perhaps my desire to do this was rooted in a desire to accomplish something to redeem or justify an otherwise lackluster life. Or perhaps it was rooted in the fear that my life would be like “ground that drinks the rain which often falls on it” but did not “bring forth vegetation useful to those for whose sake it was tilled”.

In the final analysis I know that “God is my Father and I am His son” and that He has promised me the desires of my heart. And what are those desires? First, to know Him and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ and secondly, to connect with those who are being kept from that knowledge by the burden of religion – any religion – but especially the Christian religion. I will clarify what I mean by the term “Christian religion”. Any form of Christianity that puts the onus on us to reach up to God through performance because of guilt and fear rather than acknowledging God’s reaching out to us freely in love through His Son Jesus the Christ, is religion.

The world offers us many ways to God, many religions! God offers us relationship and unrestricted access to Himself based solely on the conciliating work of His Son.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Rom 6:23)

It is profound yet at the same time as simple as that!

One final thought: this is an ongoing work-in-progress and any constructive feedback, whether positive or negative, is always welcome.

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