He Teaches Me

And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever – the Spirit of truth…..I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you….the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things….(John 14: 16-26)

How loving are the ways of our God and so infinitely personal are His ways of teaching us, for He knows us completely.

He has made Himself known to me in different ways throughout the many years that I have been His.  I am certain that His revelation to you will be the same in its outcome, yet so different in method and experience from mine.

Because He knows you.

Just as He knows me.

Many years ago, after a long period of hungering and thirsting to know and experience more of our Saviour, when the time was just right for Fred and I to learn more of Him and His Grace and His Life, Jesus didn’t set about teaching us both with the same method, although the message was the same.

At that time there weren’t any amongst the Christian family and friends that we had, who had sojourned this part of the journey before us, or who were even interested in journeying with us as the Lord lead the way.

This did not limit God from teaching us.

Fred had only read one book, in all his growing up years, from cover to cover. God chose books to speak the words that His Spirit quickened into revelation and a changed life.

As Fred struggled along with the Lord, wrestling with life’s circumstances and the baggage still carried from a life lived independent of Him, the Spirit lead him to a bookstore; puzzling since Fred did not read books, and yet that is where He took him.  As we searched the shelves, Fred picked up a book and both his spirit and mine confirmed within us that we had found the one to which God was leading him.

And then the man who could not, who simply did not read, read and read and read and Jesus was revealed in grace and truth as His Spirit made different words come alive to him: a miracle in so many ways that was repeated over and over during those years when we had no one else from whom to learn.  He truly speaks to us through His Body, whether present with each other physically, or through the blessing of words written in obedience to the Spirit.

I, on the other hand, had lived my life in books from the time I had learned to read. God did not lead me there now to teach me of new Life: He had, in fact, taken reading books away from me several years before, and had told me to lay down the writing I did as well, until one day, I would write for Him. I did not know the day He spoke this to me, but it was necessary preparation to change the world, the distorted reality in which I lived….

So, He now taught me through snippets and phrases of the Bible He made come alive for me as it had never been before.  It was a miracle of miracles that what was once closed to me became so open that one day, while dusting the table where our family bible was kept, I glanced down at it as I moved it out of the way and it fell open to words that immediately leapt into my heart.  It was as though His written word was speaking to me an unceasing revelation.

Thank you Father, for those days and months and years, and the revelation of your Life that has continued to grow and sustain us, and pour out in hope and truth shared with your body…..


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