Romans 1:1, Paul a slave of Christ Jesus

Transformed Into His Image

Rom 1:1 A slave has no identity of his own, no right to assert himself, no rights to his own body, no rights to any possessions that he may call his own.  He may not protest if his master abuses him – since he has no rights in any case.  He can be marked or branded as the property of another and is so understood by anyone who passes by and sees him.  A slave may have a will, but he has no choices – he must do the will of his master.  In the early slave censuses of the United States, slaves were not listed by name, but only by the name of their master, and then listed as twenty year old male, fifteen year old female, etc.  Any identity part from their master was ignored or obliterated, and even the names they were called were given by their…

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