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Judging & Loving at the Same Time

A simple description of the believer’s history and experience is found in two easy to remember verses in the bible – both written by John. The first is familiar, John 3:16 which reads: “For God so loved the world that … Continue reading

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The Problem Stated

Very early on in my Christian experience, having accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour as a child, followed by water baptism in my teens, I became painfully aware of a separation or gulf between God and myself. As much as I … Continue reading

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Challenging Names

I can still remember the frustration I felt when the Lord started telling me that whenever I had a problem with someone, it was really I who had the problem. It meant that every stinkin’ time someone made me miserable, … Continue reading

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The Bondage of Romans 7

Romans 7 is one of the most debated passages in our Bible, especially verses 14-25. Some say that these verses describe the experience of an unregenerate soul, perhaps even one under conviction just prior to salvation, but not necessarily so. … Continue reading

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Miss Olive Green

Olive Green was a woman I met over twenty years ago. I met her as part of the visitation program of the church we were attending at the time. Olive did not attend that church but had phoned in requesting … Continue reading

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The Toggle Switch

(Being Transformed into His Image) It came to me one day that we have a toggle switch in our mind that determines how we view and appraise the world around us, how we relate to others and most importantly – … Continue reading

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Old Testament Christianity

While “Old Testament Christianity” should be easily recognized as an oxymoron, the sad truth is that for many believers it is the reality of their experience. Although the Bible is the record of God’s relationship with man throughout history, there … Continue reading

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